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We help small businesses, owners and professionals to get things done, faster.

A changing work place demands an innovative approach.  Performance Velocity is doing just that by changing the business world with a new model for executives and leaders – Energy + Thought + Action = Results (ETA=R).

Performance Velocity uses intuitive intelligence to give professionals the tools to be fully engaged, competitive and resilient.  We ignite leaders to peak performance!

Simply put – you’ll work smarter, produce more and maximize your potential.

We bring the science of business to life by introducing mindsets that generate impact.  Individuals and teams have taken advantage of this easy-to-implement system that results in faster execution.

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neuroscience meets business

Save Time. Money. Energy.
The process is Simple. Efficient. Fast.

A dynamic shift to a higher level occurs when you bring the two models of business and neuroscience together. Critical thinking, problem solving and creative abilities are sharpened in an unlimited mental state. You can achieve more, collaborate better, innovate faster and hone your focus to the challenge at hand.
Melodie Reagan, CEO, i2i Workforce

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We help companies stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.